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Middle school science teachers invite Sammy Sturgeon to class. Volunteer scientists, biologists, and others share career insights and conclude by highlighting "Wear It!" and "Buckle Up In Your Truck." Click to sign up your school!
Sammy's Essay & Poster Contest
Win $100 - student or classroomTwo ways to win:
  1. Write essays: "What I learned from the outdoors" or "Why I want to be an Environmental Energy Entrepreneur."
  2. Design a local, "Wear It!" or "Buckle Up In Your Truck" Poster.
Student work is featured statewide with best entries showcased monthly.
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Sammy's ResourcesInspire kids to learn from the outdoors, become alternative energy entrepreneurs and be safe everyday.
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Sammy the Sturgeon's Get Outdoors & Buckle Up in Your Truck Program developed and maintained in conjunction with:
Tennessee Tech UniversityTennessee Wildlife Resources AgencyGovernor's Highway Safety OfficeTennessee Department of SafetyTennessee Coordinated School Health