Science Standard 7 - The Earth

Grade: 7

Major geologic events that occur over eons or brief moments in time continually shape and reshape the surface of the Earth, resulting in continuous global change.

How is the earth affected by long-term and short term geological cycles and the influence of man?

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Exploring Stars

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Students will

  • Describe the life cycle of a small, medium, or large star using correct vocabulary for the stages in a star's life.
  • Make flipbook "movies" detailing the life cycle of a small, medium, or large star.
  • Compare the life cycles of small, medium, and large stars.



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Learn to Identify Constellations

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There are maps and even apps for your phone that can help you identify constellations.

Learn to Tell The Temperature Using Cricket Chirps

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Learning to tell the temperature outside without a thermometer is a very valuable life skill, and is reasonably easy to calculate.

In keeping with the Outdoor Bill of Rights, this activity reflects the right of children to sleep under the stars.

There is a very simple formula when calculating the temperature, as long as you can hear the crickets outside chirping.

This formula is as follows:

# of chirps heard in a span of 14 seconds + 40degrees = Temperature in Fahrenheit

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