For Teachers:

Help in creating a database of interactive, outdoor lesson plans that follow the Tennessee science state standards for teaching.

  • Ideas need to apply to at least one state standard.
  • Involve the outdoors in some aspect.

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For Students:

   Design a local, "Wear It!" & "Buckle Up In Your Truck" Poster.

  • Posters will be judged on content and neatness. Please use 8 1/2 x 11 inch or larger for your artwork. Both the "Wear It!" and Buckle Up in Your Truck" logos should be represented on the artwork. 
  • Artwork can be sent to:

     BusinessMedia Center @ TTU

         Box 5103

         1105 N. Peachtree Ave.

         Cookeville, TN 38505

Student work is featured statewide with best entries showcased monthly.

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