Sammy Sturgeon Presents Program to TWRA Commission

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TWRC Holds Final Meeting of Calendar Year

GATLINBURG, Tenn. --- The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission held its final meeting of 2010 with status reports presented on several programs and projects.
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Wildlife Division Chief, Greg Wathen provided commission members information on the State Wildlife Grants program (SWG). SWG is a program implemented in 2000 to provide critical funding in support of fish and wildlife that are rare and on the decline. Since the program began, the TWRA has been allocated more than $10 million which has been used to enhance TWRA’s nongame wildlife conservation programs across the state. Many of the projects funded with these funds have provided important habitat for all wildlife.
To participate in the SWG program, each state wildlife agency was required to develop a State Wildlife Action Plan. Tennessee’s plan has been recognized as one of the best plans in the nation due in large part to the partnership that TWRA formed with The Nature Conservancy.
In recognition of the 10 year anniversary, Scott Davis, Executive Director of The Tennessee Nature Conservancy (TNC), spoke of the benefits the partnership had garnered and outlined the role that TNC had played.
Al Cecere, Founder and President of the American Eagle Foundation, along with several staff members, brought a variety of birds who have gone through rehab provided by the Foundation. Among the birds present was well-know bald eagle, Challenger who performs nationally at athletic and various events, and will be appearing during the pre-game at the Titans-Colts football game on Dec. 9.
Kevin Liska, Director of the Business Media Center at Tennessee Tech University, presented a pair of educational programs, “Ollie the Otter” and “Sammy Sturgeon,” designed to bring awareness to seat belt safety among elementary and middle school students. Sammy Sturgeon will also deliver conservation messages including careers related to wildlife, fish and renewable energy.
A project overview and status report for the Elizabethton Fish Hatchery was made. The commission heard a report and viewed a video on the status of hellbenders in Tennessee. The hellbender is the largest amphibian in North America.
The TWRC will hold its next meeting on Monday, Jan. 24 at 7 p.m. The public is invited to attend.
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